As I'm sure you are well aware the changes introduced with the GDPR require businesses to be clear in what information is stored and how it is used.  Invigorate IT don't market data so and we like to keep it clear and simple. So. Here are the questions and answers!

  • What data is being collected? Your name, job title, email address and the company your work for.
  • Who is collecting it? Our consultants and developers.
  • How are you collecting it? Taking the information in your email signature to a central contacts database.
  • Why are you collecting it? Just to execute the required communications to provide the services that you request of us.
  • How are you using it? Email, Instant Message.
  • Do you plan to share it? Not without your express permission.
  • How long will you store it? If you've not engaged in a project for 7 years then we'll delete your contact information.
  • What control do I have over it? If you want us to show/modify/ delete your contact information before that just let us know and we'll update it accordingly.
  • Is this likely to affect me negatively? Nope.
  • Will this cause objections or complaints? No.